Environment Intellengence

What's Your Environment?
The Gathering and Sharing of Community Intelligence is Essential to Mitigating Risk

Crowd of People with masks

Having the ability to engage nearly every person in a community is a force multiplier of intelligence lies within a community itself.  This means working with staff, tenants and business employees to a city's citizens for an effective exchange of information.  It is the eyes and ears of the people who are active and passive in and around the environment that are your best sources. Once your information community is built, your intelligence and collaboration flow provides for a stronger fortress.

In addition, having the ability to push out timely, relevant, and trusted information to the community is an excellent way to manage engagement with the public and offers helpful and essential information.  It also provides a course of learning and interaction with the authority so that when necessary information goes beyond day to day operational use, the transformation to an emergency or even a crisis is a developed experience.

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